Board Committees


Board of Directors
  Audit & Finance Compensation & Human Capital Compliance Nominating, Governance & Corporate Responsibility
Paul Herendeen, Chairperson Member   Member  
Paul Efron   Member   Chair
Scott Hirsch   Chair Member  
Sophia Langlois Chair Member    
Andrew Pasternak Member     Member
Marc Yoskowitz      Chair Member

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Structure of Oversight & Guidance

Board Committee Overview

Our highly engaged board members provide oversight and guidance on crucial areas of the company through five standing committees, each comprised of independent directors and an independent chair. The Board establishes other committees as appropriate.

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Audit & Finance Committee

Oversees Endo’s legal and fiduciary obligations with respect to matters involving the accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal control, internal audit, and regulatory compliance functions.

Compensation & Human Capital Committee

Oversees Endo’s compensation and employee benefit plans and practices.

Nominating, Governance, and Corporate Responsibility Committee

Recommends to the Board individuals qualified to serve as Directors of the Company and advises the Board with respect to the Board composition, governance practices, and procedures.

Compliance Committee

Reviews matters relating to Endo’s regulatory, compliance (including healthcare compliance), quality, and legal matters