Endo’s board of directors is committed to building sustainable success.

Board Policies & Guidelines

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Independent & Experienced

About the Board

Endo’s board of directors oversees and advises our leaders to protect the long-term interests of the company and our shareholders.

Elected annually, our board members possess proven leadership, organizational, and strategic acumen. All our directors are well-versed in board processes and corporate governance, and many bring relevant industry experience to the group.

Independent directors comprise the board, with the exception of Blaise Coleman, Endo’s President & CEO. This means we rely on an independent Chairman and fully independent committees to guide the company.

Our experienced and independent board of directors is committed to building sustainable success for Endo and our shareholders.

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Corporate Governance Guidelines

Outlines the policies, procedures, rules, and responsibilities of the board and its directors

Code of Conduct

Identifies areas of ethical risk, provides guidance and reporting mechanisms, and helps foster a culture of ethics and compliance