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Envarsus® PA Once-daily Immunosuppressive Therapy for Kidney and Liver Transplant Patients is Now Reimbursed in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

October 22, 2020


MONTREAL, Oct. 22, 2020 /CNW/ -- Paladin Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP), announced today that Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan now cover the cost of Envarsus® PA for kidney and liver transplant adult patients who meet certain reimbursement criteria (see below) for the prophylaxis of organ rejection. This announcement follows an agreement signed in July between Paladin Labs and the pan-Canadian Pharmaceuticals Alliance (pCPA) on the terms of public reimbursement for Envarsus® PA.

"We are excited to announce that Envarsus® PA is now eligible for reimbursement in the majority of Canadian provinces," said Livio Di Francesco, Vice President & General Manager of Paladin Labs Inc. "This new milestone will ensure greater and more equitable access to an important alternative in immunosuppression for kidney and liver transplant patients. Envarsus® PA will expand therapeutic options for those patients and for healthcare providers."

With a focus on specialty therapeutic areas, including transplant immunology, Paladin Labs Inc. is committed to supporting innovation in transplantation.

Please visit the links below to the respective provincial formularies to see the exact reimbursement criteria:

About Envarsus® PA

Envarsus® PA (tacrolimus prolonged-release tablets) is a once-daily tablet indicated for the prophylaxis of organ rejection in allogenic kidney or liver transplant adult patients in combination with other immunosuppressants.1 Envarsus® PA is formulated using the patented Meltdose® technology. The clinical development of Envarsus® PA comprised of pharmacokinetic (PK) study as well as clinical trials in both de novo or stable kidney or liver transplant patients.  

Envarsus® is a registered trademark of Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S and is currently also marketed in Europe and in the USA.

About Kidney and Liver Transplantation

In Canada, the kidney and liver are the two most transplanted organs, accounting for over 76% of all organ transplants performed each year.3 To prevent organ rejection following transplantation, all kidney and liver transplant patients must take immunosuppressive medications. Major advancements in immunosuppressive therapies over the last decades significantly improved patient outcomes, including health-related quality of life (HRQoL).2–4 As of 2018, there are more than 17,000 Canadians (excluding Quebec) living with a functioning kidney transplant, and 5,900 with a functioning liver transplant.3

About Paladin Labs Inc.

Paladin Labs Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring or in-licensing innovative pharmaceutical products for the Canadian market. Paladin is an operating company of Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP), a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to helping everyone we serve live their best life through the delivery of quality, life-enhancing therapies. Learn more at or

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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SOURCE Endo International plc